We make it easier to use mobile apps for everyday life activities by making it possible to control your mobile apps with your voice.

We're in stealth mode!

Yes we’ve built a new way to interact with your phone apps. It’s something you’ve never seen before.

People who've seen our software have said this!

    • ListensSoft’s hands-free and eyes-free user interface could be a massive revolution in what we can do with our mobile devices. It could be for the iPhone, what the iPhone was for the smartphone. Once we have it, we won’t know what we did before we had it.

      Mr, Aki Ohashi
      Evolution, Vice President
    • Listen is a tool for developers to deploy voice lists into any application. Better still, developers can allow end-users to put their voice lists into the application. It is a general-purpose app to create, maintain, and distribute voice lists that will find its place alongside form generators and other database tools.

      Dr. Kevin Cox
    • This is a brand new take on app user experience.

      Chuck McKinnon
      President, LightBurn Software

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