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Listens has a revolutionary new user interface!

Yes we’ve built a new way to interact with your phone apps. It’s something you’ve never seen before.

People who've seen our software have said this...

    • This is a new take on mobile application interface. It’s something I’ve never seen before.

      Dan Morely
      Band Teach College
    • Impressive a new take on old technology. This is going to change the world of mobile apps.

      Mercedes McDonald
      Director at Velocity Industries
    • I’d use the software every day to manage my team and produce results.

      Tracey Mckinnin
      Crew Manager, Electrician
    • Listens makes it easier to perform tasks in the real world and track them with my phone.

      Erin Powlowski
      COO at Armstrong Inc
    • I can update critical data in seconds and use my phone while participating in real world activities.

      Earl Benniton
      Vice President .
    • I can make lists while participating in activities in the real world and I can do it without having to look at my screen.

      Amy Hahn
      Director at Velociraptor Industries